Frank Kresin Managing Director at the DesignLab at the University of Twente

Frank Kresin

Frank Kresin (b. 1972) is the Managing Director at the DesignLab at the University of Twente. He has been trained as a film maker, and earned a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in 1997. He worked as a film maker and designer at the University of Amsterdam, and was a programme manager at the Digital University consortium. From 2006, Frank has been affiliated with Waag Society, first as a programme manager, and from 2010 as its Research Director. He was responsible for Waag Society’s research programme aimed at developing and questioning technologies to address a wide range of societal issues.

Frank has been involved in projects and programmes focusing on Creative Care, Future Internet, Maker Movement, Smart Cities and Smart Citizens. He is the co-founder of Apps for Europe, City SDK, CineGrid, Code 4 Europe, Digital Social Innovation, Making Sense and the Smart Citizens Lab. He regularly publishes on transdisciplinary research in the creative industries and he gives presentations on this topic. Furthermore, Frank is a board member of the Dutch branch of the Internet Society and The Mobile City, and serves at the supervisory boards of Tetem and V2_, Institute for Instable Media.

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Twitter: @kresin


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